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eAIP Albania

The eAIP Albania package includes the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), AIP Amendments, AIP Supplements, AIC and aeronautical charts.

The eAIP is presented in HTML and PDF format for both displaying on electronic devices and printing on paper.



eAIP Albania

Effective date

ZIP file with CRC32

Current version



Future version

23 MAY 2019

eAIP 23 MAY 2019



Digital Data Sets

Obstacle Data Set for Area 1, LATI Area 2 and LATI Area 3 is available in AIXM 4.5.

LA_AREA_1_2_3_OBST_AIXM_4.5_23 MAY 2019

Obstacle data for Area 1 is also available in Excel format.

LA_AREA_1_OBST_23 MAY 2019