AD 0  

AD 0.6  Table of contents to part 3

AD 1  Aerodromes/heliports - introduction

AD 1.1 Aerodrome/heliport availability and conditions of use

AD 1.2 Rescue and fire fighting services and snow plan

AD 1.3 Index to aerodromes and heliports

AD 1.4 Grouping of aerodromes/heliports

AD 1.5 Status of certification of aerodromes

AD 2  Aerodromes


AD 2.1 Aerodrome location indicator and name

AD 2.2 Aerodrome geographical and administrative data

AD 2.3 Operational hours

AD 2.4 Handling services and facilities

AD 2.5 Passenger facilities

AD 2.6 Rescue and firefighting services

AD 2.7 Seasonal availability - clearing

AD 2.8 Aprons, taxiways and check locations/positions data

AD 2.9 Surface movement guidance and control system and markings

AD 2.10 Aerodrome Obstacles

AD 2.11  Meteorological information provided

AD 2.12 Runway physical characteristics

AD 2.13 Declared distances

AD 2.14 Approach and runway lighting

AD 2.15 Other lighting, secondary power supply

AD 2.16 Helicopter landing areas

AD 2.17 Air Traffic Services airspace

AD 2.18 ATS communication facilities

AD 2.19 Radio navigation and landing aids

AD 2.20 Local Aerodrome regulations

AD 2.21 Noise abatement procedures

AD 2.22 Flight procedures

AD 2.23 Additional information

AD 2.24 Charts related to the aerodrome