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ALBCONTROL is a 100% state owned joint stock company, property of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, Tourism and Entrepreneurship.

ALBCONTROL was established in 1992 as state-owned enterprise and it was transformed into a joint stock company under the name of National Air Traffic Agency on February the 3rd, 1999. ALBCONTROL manages and controls the airspace of Albania (FIR) in accordance with the international standards of air navigation.

Since 2003 ALBCONTROL is a member of EUROCONTROL, joints CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organization) in 2009 and starting from January 2016 it is a full member of CANSO Europe Region.

Launching of the NewPENS contract

On April 17th 2018, EUROCONTROL and 41 industry partners, mostly air navigation service providers, launched a new contract with British Telecom, for the provision and management of a secure and highly resilient New Pan-European Network Service (NewPENS). The total value of the contrac
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Airspace restructuring between Albania and Greece

On January 30th, 2018, the Greek Air Navigation Service Provider HCAA hosted in Athens the Bilateral Meeting with ALBCONTROL, Air Navigation Services of Albania. The meeting was focused on the improvement of the airspace corridor network, the orientation of the common traffic flow and
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ALBCONTROL welcomes the ACC General Directors in the region

ALBCONTROL was pleased to host today, on January 11, 2018, the DGs of the Civil Aviation Authorities in the region, who are on an official visit in Albania. Mrs. Belinda Balluku, Director General of ALBCONTROL expressed her gratitude to the Director of the Albanian Civil Aviation Auth
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Minister Gjiknuri visits ALBCONTROL on the completion of 4 years investment at Tirana Tower

The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Mr. Damian Gjiknuri inspected today the investments made at ALBCONTROL, Air Navigations Services of Albania. Due to $ 6 million investments over the last four years, Tirana Tower has undergone essential operational improvement, increasing sec
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Albania’s Second Presidency to the Enlarged Committee for Route Charges in EUROCONTROL

  Albania takes the presidency for the next two years at the EUROCONTROL enlarged Committee for Route Charges. The President of this Committee, elected during the second day of the 109th Session held in Brussels on November 22-23, 2017, is Mr. John Perry. Mr. Perry has been a mem
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Enlarged Committee for Route Charges approves Unit Rate 2018 for Albania

On the first day of the 109th Session of the enlarged Committee for Route Charges taking place in EUROCONTROL on November 22th and 23th 2017, the unit rate for 2018 of Albania has been successfully approved. IATA representatives welcomed our country’s initiative to lower the Uni
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ALBCONTROL and Entry Point North, a fruitful and long-term collaboration

  An Agreement on Supplying Consultants has been signed between ALBCONTROL and Entry Point North for providing qualified Consultants for short and term assignments. Under this agreement, several projects have been successfully completed in the first semester 2017, where ALBCONTRO
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ALBCONTROL, a leading example of the government‘s new policies

The guidelines and aims of the new Albanian government for institutions with high and competitive standards are already a tangible reality in ALBCONTROL. ALBCONTROL offers high standard services to customers compliant to the regulatory requirements, through upgrades and effective impl
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Photo of the day – ACC Tirana

ACC Tirana’s premisses at ALBCONTROL have been published today on the “Air Traffic Controllers Around the World” FB page, featuring news, informations and best practices in the ATCs. We are proud that ACC transformation and all processes at ALBCONTROL got the attention and are reflect
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Blood donation in ALBCONTROL

As it is custom for ALBCONTROL, every year we contribute and we are fully engaged in the Red Cross campaign of blood donation for children with Thalassemia, and fundraising for orphan children in the community. On May 31, we were numerous to donate blood for children with Thalassemia
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