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ALBCONTROL is a 100% state owned joint stock company, property of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, Tourism and Entrepreneurship.

ALBCONTROL was established in 1992 as state-owned enterprise and it was transformed into a joint stock company under the name of National Air Traffic Agency on February the 3rd, 1999. ALBCONTROL manages and controls the airspace of Albania (FIR) in accordance with the international standards of air navigation.

Since 2003 ALBCONTROL is a member of EUROCONTROL, joints CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organization) in 2009 and starting from January 2016 it is a full member of CANSO Europe Region.

CRS/PRS (Centralized Rostering System)/(Personal Rostering System). | 23.07.2015

In March 2015 ALBCONTROL introduced Centralized Rostering System and Personal Rostering System. This system consists in preparing the monthly shift for all the operational sectors such as ACC, TWR, MET, TECH, AIS, in accordance with the Labour Code, Collective Agreement, and based on
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New Information Display System | 23.07.2015

IDS (Information Display System) is a new way of displaying all the important information online and on time, covering mainly operational and technical information. Informative screens will be placed in  the ACC / APP, TWR, also in the Technical Division and Administrative Division. 
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The staff of Technical Division concluded its successful ATSEP Training | 23.07.2015

In accordance with the European CCC (Common Core Content), the staff of Technical Division concluded its successful ATSEP (Air traffic Safety Electronic Personnel) Training, in the “Entry Point North” Academy. Due to this training and the continuous hard work and dedication of the sta
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Skyline ATM system upgrade | 23.07.2015

ALBCONTROL has upgraded the Skyline ATM System to continually improve the technology, both in technical and operational procedures. The new version 7.5 gives a boost to the quality of installed applications and at the same time addresses the issues reported by the users. Some of the f
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In support of the National Programme on Labour Practices in the Government Administration and other Institutions, initiated by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, we are happy to announce that, based on the employment criteria selection of Albcontrol, the best candidates have be
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