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ALBCONTROL is a 100% state owned joint stock company, property of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, Tourism and Entrepreneurship.

ALBCONTROL was established in 1992 as state-owned enterprise and it was transformed into a joint stock company under the name of National Air Traffic Agency on February the 3rd, 1999. ALBCONTROL manages and controls the airspace of Albania (FIR) in accordance with the international standards of air navigation.

Since 2003 ALBCONTROL is a member of EUROCONTROL, joints CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organization) in 2009 and starting from January 2016 it is a full member of CANSO Europe Region.

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Air Traffic Control Operators


Air traffic controllers are specially trained personnel to manage:




the flow of air traffic in the global air traffic control system.

Air traffic controllers are trained to work under high stress conditions, possess excellent visual memory, keep in control the traffic and make decisions in situations of conflict, and have very good communication skills.

 One of the skills necessary to become an Air Traffic Controller is the ability to understand situations and take decisions quickly.

They need to focus their attention on a task, by keeping in mind other tasks at the same time.

Controllers must not be caught by the panic when situations become critical and must act very accurately, even under stress.

Air Traffic Controllers must always plan three steps ahead and continuously re-check what they have previously done.

Albanian Air Control Operators are educated and qualified as specialists in internationally recognized academies and institutions like in Great Britain, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, etc.

They use the most advanced technological systems of air traffic control and are able to offer a service which meets the international standards of the most developed European countries.