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ALBCONTROL is a 100% state owned joint stock company, property of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, Tourism and Entrepreneurship.

ALBCONTROL was established in 1992 as state-owned enterprise and it was transformed into a joint stock company under the name of National Air Traffic Agency on February the 3rd, 1999. ALBCONTROL manages and controls the airspace of Albania (FIR) in accordance with the international standards of air navigation.

Since 2003 ALBCONTROL is a member of EUROCONTROL, joints CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organization) in 2009 and starting from January 2016 it is a full member of CANSO Europe Region.

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The visit of General Director of EUROCONTROL, Mr. Frank Brenner in Albania, on July 22-23, 2014 | 24.10.2014

Mr. Frank Brenner, General Director of the European Organization for the Air Flight Safety, held a two-day working visit to Albania, within the presidency of our country at EUROCONTROL’s Management Committee.

During his visit at ALBCONTROL, Mr. Brenner praised the results achieved by the Albanian Air Service Navigation Agency, run by Mrs. Belinda Balluku expressing that: “Albania and ALBCONTROL have an excellent track record in safety, as well as in economic terms. I think Albania and ALBCONTROL have the opportunity to become a strong point in the region, but also in flights over its airspace.

ALBCONTROL has been a major facilitator of the very sensitive project of the reopening of Kosovo’s airspace and we thank you for this.

If you look at the geographic setting of Ireland, the most western part of EUROCONTROL, to Georgia, Albania is located in the centre. I think the Albanian space flights are a great income to Albania and ALBCONTROL. Attracting more air traffic is a very positive thing. There are many tourist attractions in Albania, then it is only to ensure adequate infrastructure to attract these tourists and other travellers in Albania, providing more facilities”.

At the meeting with the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Edmond Haxhinasto, Mr. Brenner, also on behalf of EUROCONTROL member states, praised the contribution of our country to the progress of work in managing the Single European Sky.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the parties agreed in principle to approve the bilateral agreement with EUROCONTROL regarding Terminal’s Charges.

During the meeting with the Minister of Economic Development Ahmetaj, Mr. Brenner called Service-provider of Albanian air navigation, ALBCONTROL, up to the mark of being part of the common European initiatives in the field of air navigation and expressed his disposition to support the initiatives that Albania is developing in this field.

EUROCONTROL’s Director was received also by the Prime Minister of the country, Mr. Edi Rama, who assured the Government’s full commitment and support to ALBCONTROL, as an integral part of the Single European Sky.