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ALBCONTROL is a 100% state owned joint stock company, property of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, Tourism and Entrepreneurship.

ALBCONTROL was established in 1992 as state-owned enterprise and it was transformed into a joint stock company under the name of National Air Traffic Agency on February the 3rd, 1999. ALBCONTROL manages and controls the airspace of Albania (FIR) in accordance with the international standards of air navigation.

Since 2003 ALBCONTROL is a member of EUROCONTROL, joints CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organization) in 2009 and starting from January 2016 it is a full member of CANSO Europe Region.

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New Information Display System | 23.07.2015

IDS (Information Display System) is a new way of displaying all the important information online and on time, covering mainly operational and technical information.

Informative screens will be placed in  the ACC / APP, TWR, also in the Technical Division and Administrative Division.  Information such as below will be rendered on the screen:

 –          On time notice of relevant information concerning operational and technical sectors

–          Daily and monthly roster        

–          Operational documents as TOI, ATSIN, controllers assessment reports, list of charters etc.

–          Notices of various important as those on the validity of the license, medical expiration, training courses, etc.

–          Technical Notice on the state of equipment, maintenance schedules provided and their current status

–           Important Announcements Company

–          Various important information concerning the validity of the atco license, medical expiration, training courses, etc.

–          Technical Information concerning equipments, maintenance and current  status

–           Important company announcements